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Rural Institute of Ayurved Research Centre & Hospital

Specific Outcomes Of BAMS

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Specific Outcomes Of BAMS

In the past, there was only one option available for freshly graduated doctors (after passing BAMS), and that was to start one’s own practice. However, today there are many promising opportunities available for BAMS graduates. The areas which are available for a BAMS graduate to build a career successfully can be broadly classified into the following categories:


A student entering Ayurvedic practice cannot avoid the detailed study of Ayurvedic Samhitas. The student should also be well aware about modern medical science and interpretation of modern diagnostic tests.
Practical experience is equally required for becoming a successful practitioner. It is advisable that a student works with senior practitioners for at least 1-2 years before setting up his own practice.
Along with regular practice, a student can also opt for specialized practice after acquiring proper knowledge, e.g., therapy of skin diseases, spinal disorders, ophthalmologic conditions, ano-rectal diseases, etc., where Ayurveda has a special role to play today.
In India, there are various traditions of Ayurvedic practice like Panchbhautik Chikitsa, Nadi Pariksha, Dhatu Chikitsa, etc. Students can learn such traditions and follow them in their practice.
Students can add value to their practice by combining various therapies such as Panchakarma, Yoga, Ayurvedic dietetics, Counseling, Physiotherapy, etc., by doing additional diploma/certificate courses available.
A postgraduate diploma in Emergency Medicine, which is a short course of 6 months conducted in Modern Tertiary Healthcare Hospitals (e.g., Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai or Ruby Clinic in Pune) can help give value addition to the clinical practice of a BAMS student.


When a student plans to pursue a career in academics, it is necessary to do post graduation. Students, who cannot get opportunity for MD, can go for post graduate diplomas available in various subjects such as Panchakarma, Balaroga, etc.
In Maharashtra, almost 16 subjects are available for MD in 15 government colleges and 10 private colleges. In India, Institutions like BHU, Gujarat Ayurved University (Jamnagar), National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur, Kerala and Karnataka University have post graduation facility.
The student has to appear for an entrance exam for securing admission for MD. More information about these institutions is available at the website of CCIM. MPhil available at Pune University is also an option. Anyone who has 10 years of clinical experience or 5 years of teaching experience is eligible for PhD. Almost all the above institutions have facilities for PhD. Ayurved students can even do PhD in non-Ayurvedic subjects like analytical chemistry, biochemistry, etc.
After post graduation, students can join government or private colleges as demonstrators or lecturers.
There is a large space in private sector for the teaching profession. Private tuition classes for BAMS students, tuition classes for entrance exams, conducting workshops to teach particular skills, i.e., Kshrasutra, Agnikarma, Panchakarma, etc., are good options.
Recently, there are MSc programs made available in various science disciplines like Anatomy/Physiology/Microbiology for BAMS students, which are offered by many universities in Karnataka/Tamil Nadu/Maharashtra (University of Madras, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Sri Ramachandra Medical college, M. S. Ramaiah Medical College, Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research, etc.)


Apart from MD and PhD courses, there are other good courses useful for a career in research such as MSc or PG Diploma in Clinical Research. These courses are available at various institutions and universities throughout the country.
Cranfield University (UK), through its branches in India, also offers a masters degree in clinical research. The duration of such studies varies from 6 months to 2 years. The course modules are extensive and include various aspects of clinical research with more focus on data analysis and management.
After completion of this course, students can get job as Clinical Research Associate in research unit of pharmaceutical companies.
MSc (Biotechnology/Bioinformatics/Health Sciences) is a very challenging course and is also available for BAMS students at some universities. This is a 2-year, full time course.
Students who are interested in fieldwork as well as research can go for this course which has promising opportunities in future. Some courses useful for research careers are short course on statistics and epidemiology (Christian Medical College, Vellore), and Clinical Toxicology (Kalina).
In the research field, a student can join as Jr. Research Fellow on research projects which are conducted by various institutions/colleges/university departments which are financially supported by ICMR, CSIR, CCRAS, DST, etc. On getting experience, they can get Sr. Research Fellowship and this work can lead to a PhD.


Ayurveda is described as the science which studies our lives and its working. Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery is described as the mix-up of traditional ayurvedic disciplines with the present medical trends. After completing this course, aspirants can register in the Ayurveda boards controlled by the Central or State government. The registered candidates get chance to work in the Ayurveda Medical services anywhere in the motherland.
There are many other options available as well after this course. The aspirants can get many opportunities in clinical research, which is getting bigger these days. Also many foreign pharmaceutical laboratories are showing interest to perform clinical research in our country, which opens scores of career opportunities for graduates in our country. The degree holders can also search jobs in public as well as private sector. Both these sectors guarantee the aspirants with high salaries. The opportunities in government sector are briefed below.

Jobs in Government Sector

B.A.M.S graduate can seek jobs in public sector. Government organisations such as government hospitals, pharmaceutical labs, colleges, etc recruit graduates in B.A.M.S. graduates in this field can also look for jobs in Clinical trials, healthcare community, and Educational institutions. They can also serve as duty doctors in hospitals. Also they can work with global agencies such as WHO and in many NGOs. Some of the government jobs after B.A.M.S are listed below.
Assistant Medical Officer (Siddha)
Assistant Medical Officer (Ayurveda)
Pharmacist at Government Ayurveda Dispensaries (GAD)
Pharmacist at Government Hospitals
Teaching in Government Colleges
Teaching in Ayurvedic Institutes
All these jobs offer the graduates with a decent pay of around Rs.8,000 – 14,000 per month with extra incentives.

Teaching Profession in Government Sector after B.A.M.S

Graduates in Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and surgery can find jobs in any of the reputed universities like University of Health Science, Vijayawada; Dr. MGR Medical University, Guindy, Chennai; Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded; National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur; Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore; Mahatma Gandhi Gramoday Vishwavidyalay, Chitrakoot; Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth (National Academy of Ayurveda), New Delhi; Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar. If the candidate is having a master’s degree in this field then it will be easier to get a job.

Long-term Career roadmap for B.A.M.S Graduates

The demand of Ayurvedic Pharmacies is increasing day by day and the use of herbal products is also increasing all around the world. This is the reason why our government aims at focusing more on the development of this area. Foreign countries are very much attracted to this field and so the scope of Ayurveda is very bright in the future.


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For students who are not interested in clinical practice but want to have a career related to the medical field, there are ample choices. MPH (Masters in Public Health), MHA (Masters in Health Administration) and MBA (Hospital and Healthcare management) are in great demand.
Other than this, courses like Sports Medicine, Disaster Management, Industrial Management, Preventive and Promotive healthcare, Masters in Personnel Management are also good options.
UPSC examinations and state level administration examinations are conducted every year. BAMS students are eligible to appear for these examinations and enter in the government services as administrator.


In the manufacturing sector, production of Ayurvedic medicines is a booming business. Apart from actual manufacturing, other allied aspects such as cultivation of medicinal plants, trading raw materials in the form of powder, extracts, oils, etc., are also in great demand.
Not only medicines, but also Ayurvedic cosmetics and food products have equally big market. It is the need of time that many Ayurvedic graduates should come in this field and use their knowledge and skill.
Courses such as BPharm (Ayurved) in Jamnagar and BHU, MSc (Pharmaceutical Medicine), MBA (Medicinal Marketing) (MUHS, Nasik), Diploma in Herbal Medicinal Manufacturing (Pune University and IPER Pune) are also available.